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Natural Time is also available as a free App for iOS. See the Natural Time of your location wherever you are by downloading the App to your iPhone. 

What is Natural Time?

Natural Time is the time at which the sun reaches its highest point at noon at 12 o' clock. Sunrise and sunset take place at the same time difference from this point. If the sun rises at 6 o' clock in the morning, it will also set at 6 o' clock in Natural Time.

Like sundials in the past, which knew exclusively Natural Time, and also animals orient themselves on the alternation of light, sunrise and sunset.

The synchronicity of our daily routine with the state of the sun is crucial for our well-being. This relation was clearly underlined by the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2017.

Only in a few places in the world the valid time is identical to Natural Time. In Greenwitch/England, for example, and even there not during the summer, but only during the winter season between the end of October and the end of March. In summer time it is shifted by 1 hour compared to the Natural Time.

Why only terminate summer time?

Europe is on the verge of terminating summer time. This step falls too short. Our well-being is better served by ending the regulation of its inhabitants by time zones. Only a few years ago, the limited distribution of GPS devices was a good reason for maintaining time zones. Today, you find GPS in every smartphone.

What is the purpose of Natural Time?

With Natural Time it is possible to live in a natural rhythm of sunrise and sunset. Natural Time is not affected by the dictate of time zones nor by the crazy changeover between summer and winter time. With Natural Time, every human being lives at every place in the world, ideally adapted to the rhythm of day and night.

Why no time zones?

Time zones are a relic of a past, where absence of GPS prevented determining the valid time for each location. Certain television programmes were broadcast at 8:15 p. m. where everyone used to sit in front of the television at that time. In the past, it seemed necessary that everyone has to start work at the same time.

None of this is necessary any more. Movies can be retrieved from the internet whenever you want. And many working people are no longer bound to national time limits.

If all this is no longer necessary. You don't need time zones, nor summer or winter time. Today, the point has come that every human being gets back his right to live in the nature predestined time.

How do I make appointments?

Today, anyone dealing with international partners needs to coordinate certain time zone when making appointments. With Natural Time, personal meetings are always held at the place where you meet. For telephone or other contacts, the time at the location of a participant will be agreed.

Problems to solve

On the technical side, there is need to adapt software, watches, smart watches and mobile phones to the requirements of Natural Time. In Germany for example, a legally compliant introduction of Natural Time requires an amendment to the "Act on Units of Measurement and Time Determination".

What happens to timetables and flight schedules?

In future, these plans will include both UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and Natural Time. The confusing indication of time zones, which hardly anyone can intuitively grasp without additional tables and calculations, is no longer necessary.

Natural Time Ready

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